Academy U9 to U18

For 25 weeks of training players get 4 hours of team training plus 1.5 hours of a technical Ball Mastery session with our designated Technical Coaches.

As players progress through the Etobicoke FC Grassroots, Recreational, Competitive Programs, our club has a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned to stages of development and learning. The curriculum is the Technical Blueprint that encompasses a holistic 4 Corner approach (Technical/Tactical, Physical, Mental, Social/Emotional) to provide players with continuous high-quality training contacts from U9 to U18. Once a player has completed a stage of development, they are prepared to advance into the next stream that will be progressively more challenging and advanced. This systematic progression is based on research of best practice from Canada/Ontario Soccer and leading clubs across the world to ensure that Etobicoke FC is providing the optimal environment to allow players to be the best they can be.

The Etobicoke FC 4 Corner model is a holistic approach to training and development that aims to develop the whole person and not just the player. As players progress through the stages of development, their 4 Corner competencies will evolve, and the desired outcome of our pathway is the following:

1. Players who can apply the right technique on demand while
under pressure and in tight spaces
2. Players who possess the physical qualities to play at a high
tempo across the full duration of a match
3. Players with confidence and love for the sport
4. Players who model positive behaviors on/off the field